Nature has its own positive agenda, which is at work in all of us. The point in education, as in medicine, is not just in knowing how to interfere with nature, but - most important - how to observe it without interference, how to help it unfold. Gabor Mate, MD

Experience Good Medicine


Good medicine inspires, nurtures and strengthens mind, body, and spirit. Health is supported. Balance and function are restored. There is no overwhelming the system with toxic substances meant only to take away symptoms. There is no suppression of symptoms. It is gentle, and honors nature. It uses the least amount of force for the greatest amount of cure. It stimulates the healing response. Healing is a process that is meant to be experienced.

It is patient-guided medicine and results in individualized care. Focus is placed on patient education and the restoration of optimal health. Prevent, restore, maintain, enjoy, and thrive.

At Bainbridge Natural Health, it is our mission to provide good medicine. Get in, be heard, and feel better.


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October 5, 2013 |

Yoga class for beginners!

Join Dr. Christine Willi for her 4 week class “Introduction to Hatha Yoga” held at Bainbridge...

May 10, 2013 |

Insurance Coverage

We are now contracted with the following insurance companies, as a preferred provider: Regence, Premera,...

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